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Poison Study

Poison Study  - Maria V. Snyder Came across this book when I was watching TV series, Chuck. Or more specifically about Sarah Walker. She works for CIA and she's also kills. Killing means assassin. Hence, the word assassin popped up and I wanted to read books that have got to do with it and voila, found this one.

I read the book and I quite liked it -- only after I reached the middle of the book. Yeah, I got bored at the beginning. For few chapters said a lot about poisons and baths. Hm. Things got intriguing on cake part, beans part, martial-training part, magic part and killing part. For me it's weird this series is young-adult fiction as whilst I read this book, it contains sex abuse, rape, torture, and violence OR bdsm. Hence, in my opinion, I might say this book would be better set as adult fiction. Perhaps the story might more interesting if it were an adult fiction. Well, that are just my thoughts.

At the beginning I couldn't make what of Yelena except that she's one-tortured soul heroine. She has been traumatized and living in fear. She trusts no soul. However, as story went, I learned that she's smart, witty and brave. And, she kills. That made her dangerous and deadly. Same goes with Valek. He's the heroine's love interest. He's an assassin. He's kinda hot. I liked him for always being there for Yelena. He protects her and eventually, he trusts her. Their romance was good. For me, it seemed so sudden and felt a little bit awkward but well, I wasn't seeking for romance in this book. I was seeking thrill and I was granted!

The suspense, oh man I enjoyed it immensely. I was lost in the book on action part. So full of action pack I was immersed for a while. It was awesome. Seriously. The mystery was amazing too. I was nearly gone crazy throughout the reading to figure out those puzzles in the book. Damn.

To conclude everything -- I liked this book, I liked the suspense, thrill and mystery. And, I'm asking for more. More actions please and absolutely more Valek. He's hot, alright. LOL. Looking forward for the next book!

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