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Goddess of the Sea

Goddess of the Sea  - P.C. Cast My first by P. C. Cast and I liked it. I heard about her House of Night series too but wouldn't dare to read because it's YA. Yep, I'm currently having disappointed-with-YA-books. Anyway, this premise is marketed as adult but after I finished it, I think this book has a bit/slight of YA. The way CC/Undine's - the heroine - thinking isn't exactly adult-like or should I say, childish?

There are two time settings in Goddess of the Sea and I was confused by it in the beginning of my reading. Instead of stay-in-present time or to-the-future, it's back-to-medieval time. Did I like it? I didn't because I was going to make this book in my Speculative RC! But, to think again - perhaps this book will pass because got some urban parts in it.

I liked the romance, though. Very much. It was romantic in the mer-folk way. Especially when Dylan said, "I'll wait for you for an eternity." Whoaaa. For me, that's very heart-warming. He's CC's love interest and he's hot. I liked the way he loves CC. He loves her for the her true-self, her soul. The book's merely a love story.

What I liked the most about this book? The talk about military. CC's a USAF before she got caught in air plane crashed, being sent back to medieval and became mermaid. I always have a thing about military. Only if I made it for aeronautical engineering. Sorry, kinda lost in thoughts.

If you like mer-folk story, fantasy and steamy scenes (I couldn't stop wondering about where the "love" organs might be - ahaks!), I recommend you this book. Looking forward to read the next book.