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Coffeehouse Angel

Coffeehouse Angel - Suzanne Selfors Our main character is Katrina and she helps her grandmother running a coffeehouse. Due to a competition with another coffeehouse next to it, they lose most of the customers and they're on debt. That worries Katrina and her grandmother. The story goes with the series of events in her life after she met with Malcolm -- a weird and handsome angel who wears kilt and he came from Scotland. Malcolm's a messenger and he's Katrina's love interest. Katrina has two friends; Vincent and Elizabeth. I liked this Vincent character because he's nice but I annoyed with Elizabeth. She's kind of person only thinks about herself and she's not really a good listener. Whiny, even. Besides her grandmother, Katrina has Irmgaard who works at their coffeehouse and she's an ex-nun. She works with them for a reason and she also the reason Malcolm has to endure a burden.

It was light reading and I really liked it. I liked the feeling of warmth this book had. I don't know, perhaps it was because of coffee? Think coffee, think warmth. I'm not really fan of coffee but I do like latte, a lot. I liked any story that has coffeehouse because in real world, coffeehouse is a place I like to go, read a book and slurp a hot latte or hot chocolate or hot white tea. Sometimes, hang with friends, talk and laugh. It feels great! Besides, the story takes place during cold, winter -- I really loved it! I love cold weather, cool breeze brushes my skin. Here, living in tropical region -- only has wet and dry season. Hence, wet season is a winter to me.

I would love to read stories like this again. I enjoyed the warmth.