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Dangerous Games

Dangerous Games - Lora Leigh More like 2½

Here are things I want to say about Dangerous Games

The plot is meh. I was expecting action pack, adrenaline rush and thrill. I meant, I wanted more. After all, this series is about SEAL hunk men, right? The action was there but dull.

Got annoyed with the characters too especially the heroine. I really hate you, Morganna but I loved that you're awesome kickedass. And Clint, he's a tortured-soul man, deadly and dangerous. I saluted him for his protectiveness towards Morganna.

The romance was okay, little bit chemistry sparks between Clint and Morganna. Lots of steamy hot scene but plain and repetitive, got me bored. Be warned for the BDSM part.

Should or should not I continue reading this series?