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The Viscount Who Loved Me

The Viscount Who Loved Me - Julia Quinn I always knew (was I?) that there’ll be story about Anthony because he had been an ass in previous book and I really dislike him because he’s just merely too overprotective over Daphne. Simon’s a good husband, what? (using Malaysian English). He’s just has his own fear – mortality. I understood his fear and reason of why he’s afraid to fall in love. He just really cares about others and he chooses to suffer alone.

However, so much of his intention to make Edwina his wife, it’s her sister he’s got into! I thought that it’s so funny. The moment Edwina got into the lake and being sick at home, I knew the favour would go to Kate. So much her hatred towards Anthony, who can resist handsome tortured soul like Viscount Bridgerton?

Anyway, I enjoyed less with this book rather than previous but it isn’t that bad. Nothing’s more beautiful than reading about tortured-soul hero. I enjoyed immensely the love, humour and warmth in this book.