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Wicked Nights

Wicked Nights - Gena Showalter 4 stars

It's the spin-off from the LOTU series (guilty pleasure) and I'm glad I read this. It was amazing I liked it.

Zacharel Come born angel, he leads an army in the heaven. If you read LOTU series, I believe you've met this guy and he is well-known as rigid, no mercy, and very stoic. It turns out that there is a reason that he was then until he met half Japanese lover, Annabelle. Both hero and heroine are tortured souls and they are matched couple. Definitely for each other.

Let's talk about Annabelle because I adored her. She is human, therefore in angels and demons eyes, humans are weak, fragile and vulnerable. Annabelle was one until something really bad happened to her and she fought demons that came to her - for years. No kidding. She was locked in loony bin for crime she didn't commit. She lost people she loved the most prior to her sentence - his brother didn't trust her, her boyfriend left her. She was treated badly at the centre, given drugs. And, she survived which astonished Zach. She could fight and kill demons by all means even if there is no Zach. Hence, she is my favorite. She's kicked ass, badass. Very dangerous and deadly just like Zach himself.

It was surprised to read the no-mercy-Zach-turned-caring. Who would have guessed he'd be overprotective to human he once had no doubt kill without mercy, possessed or not, and to human, he came to love, care and cherish. You see, reading his affection and love towards Annabelle was heart warming. It was so nice I'm happy for him.

Now, I can't wait to read about Koldo.