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Road Signs

Road Signs - M.J. Fredrick My first read by M J Frederick. It was interesting and intriguing reading. The flow was pretty good, I did enjoy it immensely. If not, I wouldn't really that eager turning the page.

The story's about two best friends, Cam and Willow, who fell in love with each other but they afraid to express their feelings for each other because they worried they might severe the friendship ties between them. So, they both needed to decide paths in their lives. Which wouldn't be that easy. There were some obstacles to make that big, big decision. Besides, they both have jobs they really liked but these jobs making these two farther away from each other.

To conclude what I've read -- Plans that we've planned sometimes didn't go as we wanted it to be. Sometimes, we might face with the unexpected. It might be a good thing or otherwise but nevertheless, we have to accept it in the end or we make a choice. It's all depend on us the decide our own fate.

I still remember this very quote from my lecturer. He once told us that, In life, you've given choices and it's up to you to choose which to pursue.

Anyway, four more days before Christmas and I want to wish you all Have a Merry Christmas!