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The Name of the Star

The Name of the Star - Maureen Johnson The Name of the Star is the first book I’ve read written by Maureen Johnson and I liked it. The book was quite interesting and I was thrilled. I was enticed with the cover too. Not the red-head girl (I thought the heroine has a dark hair?) but the shadowed-guy with the hat. At first, I thought The Name of the Star is a historical fiction but it wasn’t, its contemporary fiction. Although, I wish it were historical fiction. Anyway, contemporary’s good.

The book’s about a girl, Aurora (Rory) Deveaux from United States, came to London and attended a school called Wexford. When she arrived to town, the place is already hit with homicide case mimicked Jack the Ripper. I’m sure most of us heard and read about famous serial killer on year 1888, Jack the Ripper. What intrigued the most is the author used the story of Jack the Ripper and mixed with supernatural essence in this book. The book is written with description of every detail and the story’s progression is slow. The first part of the book is about development of characters which I think it was good but it was a little bit too much, though because I couldn’t wait for the thrill. Anyway, things got better in the middle of the book. I was glad! No action-pack to be expected in this book but the thrill is there. Besides, gory details aren't being left out too. Might as well brace yourself

Rory is an ordinary girl, she’s brave and she’s different. She has gained this one special ability after her near-death experience. Besides, I believed that she also received another new special gift. I’m not going to tell you what it is and I’ll leave it to you to wonder or just grab the book and read it! Jazza is her roommate and I liked her because she’s a nice person. I liked Alistair too and Rory met him in the library. Jerome is Rory’s love interest and the romance was mild but I wasn’t expecting to read about romance, I was all about thrill and excitement. Stephen, Callum and Boo are people who protecting Rory from Jack the Ripper copycat. Oh yeah, Rory’s being hunted.

There is one thing displeases me. At the end of the book, I read one part and I got the feeling this book will have its next sequel. I checked in Goodreads and voila, I was right – the book’s definitely going to have a sequel, The Madness Underneath. Oh boy, another series added to list but of course, I’m anticipating for the next because I quite satisfied with this book.