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The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie

The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie  - Jennifer Ashley 4 stars

I landed on this book because I was curious that most of the fellow ladies in Goodreads had read it and liked it. So my verdict is, yes, I liked this book. In fact I fell in love with some of the characters BUT something is missing here and I don't like it. At all.

Ian himself is quite fascinating. He's different than others that got him always by himself all the time. One day he landed his eyes on Beth and he became obsessed with his dear Beth and at last made her his wife. Beth is quite a lady and her being so curious made her interesting to read. She's not sitting-at-home kind of lady. She roamed around for adventures and for that she got herself for troubles.

The thing is... why oh why I didn't feel the romance between Ian and Beth? They are both interesting people but it felt void in regards of love between them. Their passion is there and I must admit that it was hot. Plenty of hotness moments got me swooned but I wasn't seeking for that. Only if I felt the love because it was there! I just couldn't find it in between of author's writing. I was so frustrated until the end because I didn't get want I want.

I was hit again by another set of frustration and this one is on mystery part. Even though it left most people in happy endings but I didn't like how it ended. It didn't reach my satisfactory department. On second thoughts, maybe this is just me. So, it's a bit more or less bias on my part.

Anyway, despite all things I said above, I can't help myself to want to know the rest of Mackenzies and their ladies especially about Mac and Isabella. Trouble was mentioned on their part but it didn't elaborate more and I have to find out about it. In the next sequel. I have the book, somewhere in my e-library but work demands my attention so maybe next time.

Read on your own peril.