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Too Tempting to Resist

Too Tempting to Resist - Cara Elliott 4 stars

I liked previous book more than I liked this one. I found it funny as now both heroines in this series so far found their halves at brothel's with same reason: to find their brothers. It's a relief after I read the excerpt of the third book in this series - it's different. I'm glad.

The story a bit dragged and repetitive at some point but came to halt really fast at the end. Anyway, it was still good. Talked about flowers a lot. Language of flowers to be precise and I liked flowers. I wonder what does white rose represent? Gryff and Eliza have chemistry between them. The two together did bring carefree, freedom, happiness and true self. I liked reading at part where they are being together alone. Fun and humor all over. Great feelings o experience indeed.

Can't wit to read about Cameron. The rakest amongst the Hellhounds. I wonder why he always keep himself. Very curious.