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The Billionaire's Baby Arrangement (Napa Valley Vows, #3)

The Billionaire's Baby Arrangement (Napa Valley Vows, #3) - Charlene Sands It's Nick's book and also the third and final book in this series. The book was quite interesting. However, I wasn't really that pleased with the premise unlike the first-two books in the series. Perhaps it didn't meet my expectation.

Before I go further, I want to tell you that I had never held babies because I scared. They're really fragile and vulnerable that I'm worried I might accidentally hurt them. Besides, I don't know what to do if they're started to cry and all. I'm really suck in baby department thing. And so, I saluted Nick because despite he never held a baby, he's actually good.

Baby Leah, Brooke's baby girl, likes him instantly the moment she looked at Nick for the first time which I found super amazing. Adorable, indeed! She's seriously lucky to have such a hot, good-looking, and charming daddy.

A few parts mentioned in the book that Leah held out her arms because she wanted Nick to take her, that was so beautiful! Very heartwarming. Besides, the baby smiles when she looked at Nick. My heart melted when I read that. Nothing is more adorable than the sight of a man holds his child in his arms. Other than that, I respected him for being noble and all that because he loved Brooke. For him, she's different that other women he met.

Brooke is a strong, independent, and brave woman. I liked her. I completely understood the reason she stayed on guard. She felt insecure a lot too with herself and that's seriously not cool at all. She's a wise woman too because she learned her mistakes from the past. That's an admirable trait.

The romance was mild, though. It's baby Leah got me hooked until the end. I like babies, they're adorable and cute but they're also scary too. I don't know what happen to me when it's time for me becoming a mother. I hope all is well.