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It's in His Kiss

It's in His Kiss - Julia Quinn 4 stars

Although it wasn't that good compared to previous book but I quite enjoyed the story.

The story was thrilling and full of adventure with bits of family drama. Gareth St. Clair had only one person he truly loved (before his lady came into his life) and that was Lady Danbury. Before, he was lonely. He didn't have the love from his father (he isn't Lord St. Clair's son but his bastard), his mother had died, and he had a brother whom he loved, too, had died. His disputes with his Lord St. Clair had brought him to his grandmother and... Hyacinth Bridgerton.

Tortured-soul man he was he envied the laughter and love in the big family of Bridgerton. He wished he had one. He longed to have one. So when he decided to take Hyacinth as his wife, he was excited he would receive the greatest gift ever in his life; the love, laughter, happiness, joy and fun from the Bridgertons. Well, he was clueless that Hyacinth fell in love with him and she would love him, cherish him, and remained with him even if he didn't love her.

Romance between this two was funny and full of thrill. Witty, outspoken Hyacinth sought for adventure. She tried to crack a diary that was written in Italian. She was anxious to find whatever secret it in and that includes to find Gareth's biological father. She even willingly to risk her own safety just for the joy to get what she wanted. It was madness! She made Gareth gone crazy. He nearly got heart attack when Hyacinth was gone after his encountered with his father and at one part where she went to him by herself; both happened at night time. Infuriating and annoying at that, he will just about to do anything for Hyacinth's happiness and he always protects and cares for her in any way.