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The Billionaire's Baby Bargain

The Billionaire's Baby Bargain - Shelli Stevens 5 stars

Another beautiful story of a man who fears love and an innocent, hopelessly romantic heroine.

His past has made Andres hardened his heart, he believes no one but himself, and he loves no one until Chloe came into his life. He couldn't seem to get enough of her. Even after one particular situation happened that made him push her off from his life, practically destroyed her life, her career, Chloe never left his mind. Not completely off until he knew about something crucial above all - Chloe pregnant with his child.

He came for her, he wished to take care of her and their babe, he didn't want the past that happened to him to be repeated to his unborn child, and he wanted her and their baby. But still, those things done without love because he didn't want to and didn't wish to get hurt again. However, Chloe didn't care though.

Even if her dream to have sweetest relationship, beautiful marriage and family, and loving husband has shattered, she willed herself to try to fix and work whatever it is between her and Andres. Even if she was already doomed from falling in love with Andres, she didn't care she fell harder. That man had his place in her heart and she welcomed it.

Only when he was about to lose Chloe forever then he realized he was a fool to push her away once again and the fact that he loved her.

Highly recommended.

P.S. I like the light reading, the writing. Ms. Stevens, I'll keep tabs on your books!