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Angel's Assassin

Angel's Assassin - Laurel O'Donnell 4 stars

This book is a page turner. As the story went, each chapter held me with curiosity of what would happen next and kept wondering. It got me hooked until the end. Oh how I loved this book.

Two very tortured souls. Damien needed to kill to gain his freedom only to find that he fell in love with Aurora, his target. Aurora's life in danger. Several death attempts on her made she lived in fear and she didn't realize she developed feelings to a deathly assassin who always at her side, protecting her from another assassins.

From what I can conclude from my reading, it is all about love conquers all. It is because of love, Damien failed in his mission and instead, he chose to protect, granted a freedom to someone he loved rather than himself. It is because of love, Aurora forgave whatever sins Damien had committed and together they start anew. It is because of love, Damien's lurking darkness slowly vanished in him and he finally grabbed the happiness, joy, and freedom he yearned for years which also, made him a fiercest, bravest, and honorable man.

Read on your own peril.