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Simply Scandalous

Simply Scandalous - Kate Pearce 3 stars

I may as well say that this book has two different stories with slightly a little bit connected. So, I am going to talk about Richard and Violet. Two were already a couple back in France but things didn't go their ways and they separated until they met again and with a different quest. The romance was mild that I didn't really enjoy but I liked the mystery and it was thrilling. The excitement of puzzle solving was captivating and I couldn't stop from turning pages.

Another story is Richard's sister, Emily. She also had her own mystery but it wasn't as thrilling as Richard's. She had intense interaction between her and Ambrose. The two were both tortured souls so it was kind of heart-wrenching. On romane part, I mean and a quite bit of feeling annoyed by Emily herself. She's one tough head and it was infuriating read on her part.

Overall, it's an HEA. And I came to know that this book is the last in the series. I am so sad, really, because I love House of Pleasure. Anyway, the knowing and reading all of the stories from the beginning until the with great experienes. So, thanks Ms. Pearce for this series.

Read on your own peril.