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Always on My Mind

Always on My Mind  - Jill Shalvis 4 stars

I enjoyed my previous reads written by Jill Shalvis and I enjoyed Always On My Mind too! As always, the story is full of warmth and love which I anticipated.

What I liked
The best thing about reading Lucky Harbor series is that, you got to swoon over with the men in it. And this time, it's Jack Harper! He's super hot, alright! Besides, he's loving and caring and still not ceasing to love even Leah hurt him over and over. I just cannot not love Jack.

As for Leah, I have love-hate feeling for her. She's really a nice person and she cares about others. Besides, she's a type that one doesn't want to expect much on something. When she had her demon, I felt bad for her.

I love the nice people in Lucky Harbor. They are so nice to each other despite being nosy to the core. But well, it's for a good humor which I liked.

What I disliked
Leah and her demon. I was furious it had gotten her for so long that it could stop the possibility of her relationship with Jack. Of course it turned out well in the end.

I didn't like the ending.


I read the preview of the next book in this series and I CANNOT WAIT! It sounds very promising and somehow this Aubrey character will bring some quite adventure in the story. And I'd love to see her hero, Ben, got mad and crazy.