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On Dublin Street

On Dublin Street - Samantha Young 4 stars

I had strongly mixed feelings about this book. The story is first-person narrative mode - Joss' monologue and thoughts. So basically I, and as well as others who had read this book, had no idea what Braden was thinking and how he felt towards Joss. To be honest, I hated it. It felt I missed something, you know.

Both Joss and Braden had issues. However, since the story went with Joss' thoughts, I was more exposed to hers rather than Braden's or other minor characters. I liked Joss because she's one tough girl but then, at some point, I just wished to shook her to come to her senses.

I liked the sessions she had with the therapist, though. It was refreshing.

Braden's a hottie rich businessman. Yes, he dressed in fancy suit but from what I read, I imagined him as a modest, humble kind of person regardless his unpleasant attitude. He's kind of obsessive possessive alpha man but at least he's not mental one.

The romance - sigh - I don't know. It might exemplary to other readers but to me, it was mild. I read the book, patiently, waiting and hoping that I would get the extreme sparks of chemistry between Joss and Braden but unfortunately, it stuck still to mild from the beginning until the end.

Well, it was a good read and Ms. Young, pretty please I beg you, don't make it a series!

Read on your own peril.