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Make it Last

Make it Last - Bethany Lopez 3 stars

I fell for the cover ergo I read it and I gave one star to it. The story, though, I gave two. It's a story about Colin and Bree broke up years ago to pursue his dream but due to his injury, he came home and he realized he still loves her and he wanted her back.

Bree was very convincing when she said she wouldn't budge if Colin wanted her back but well, she lost, back to him and it happened so fast I really didn't like it. Yes, I liked them together again. They love each other and really sweet. But I'd prefer if things go smoothly with average speed. It's for the sake of fulfilling reading satisfaction.

I liked other secondary characters. Kent, Rich, Nicole, Roni, Pete, and Kara have interesting personalities. So I might look forward to read their stories in next installments of this series. That means I have to muster the courage to read Book 2 and I hope it won't disappointing.

I can't help but to point out that Colin's ex part and her crap, it seriously shouldn't be in this book. Pretty much ruined my mood when I started to like how the story went.

That's it. Read on your own peril.