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Baby, It's Cold Outside

Baby, It's Cold Outside - Amy Andrews, Aimee Carson, Kate Hardy, Heidi Rice 'Tis The Season To Kiss Santa by Kate Hardy - 5 stars - Ooooh what a great thing to have found a love on Christmas! Ellie and Mitch were strangers who worked as stand-ins at hospice and rough weather made them stuck to each other. With chemistry and passion swirled between them, love blossomed less than 24 hours! Even if there is no promises made, I liked how the two of them will try to work out what the new relationship they had together. Loved them. Even if this is fictional but they're real for me so I hope the best for them.

'Tis Season To Go Shopping by Heidi Rice - 4 stars - The story consists where situation happened in a store with lots of flirting and talk, and good sex. Kate's phobia, I felt bad for her because I knew exactly how it feels since me myself have a lot of phobias. Anyway, I liked her guy though. Ryder is so hot, loving, caring, sweet, cool, and very protective. Swooned. Smitten. Both of them have sense of humour and I enjoyed a lot their snarky verbal to each other. Couldn't resist from laughing a lot.

'Tis Season To Be Kissed - 4 stars - The opening started with Tamara in drunken haze in the morning and as I went further I laughed out loud as she did and said something really, really funny. The more reason to laugh for more when reading Luke's reaction at the same time. This one held serious sexual tension. Wow it was hot, fan-self! Both were attracted to each other but age differences, dating issues and Luke is Tamara's close friend's younger brother made things difficult for a few hours on New Year's Eve. Eventually they were cool at last, thank goodness, and had some mind blowing moments.

'Tis Season To Be Tempted - 5 stars- I liked this one, a lot. It started on plane where Evie got freaked out and there was Wes, finally met her after years didn't see each other. She was drunk and she flirted. That was fun to read. Evie sounded like spirited kind of person. She said whatever she pleased which was awesome, in my opinion. Things got a bit more interesting when they got stuck, shared a room and she turned into sexy fierce seducer, seduced poor Wes in way kinky and hot: kitchen utensils. Very naughty.

So sums up all the rates I gave to each anthologies into one, I rate this book 5 stars. The book was amazing, fine book to read on holiday, and I am looking forward to read for more books written by each authors.