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Ice Station

Ice Station - Matthew Reilly 5 stars

Despite all the not-so-good ratings and scary reviews that were almost convinced me to not read this book, it was quite actually interesting. It got me hooked until the end, it made me stayed up late at night and I even dreamed about it on my sleep. Talk about extreme level of imagination. This book held a fast-paced story and it happened FAST, you cared less about daunting number of pages in the end. By the way, extreme violence and gruesome parts were pretty detail. They crept me.

A top, priority stuff is hidden somewhere. In this book, an unknown aircraft (thought it was alien's but it's a spy plane) was in the cavern, deep below an ice station in Antarctica. One found it, words got out and so a whole lot troops from different countries (France, America, Britain) came to get it. For security purpose, they (Intelligence Convergence Group), some sort of dangerous organization, came to kill whoever knew about the secret. Chemical and nuclear weapons mentioned too. Prior to that, dangerous and deadly pod of killer whales and a gang of mutated elephant seals were involved too. These creatures, when they kill oh dear it was messy and nasty.

Shane Schofield or Scarecrow is a main character. I liked him. Not just because of his scarred look yet still beautiful since he has a pair of beautiful ocean blue eyes (or so I imagined) but he is really smart. I liked the way he handled the crazy situation. The way he worked and reeled his mind, it was just awesome. He is a compassionate man too. He cared about his men and other civilians, the way he treated a little girl named Kristy, he liked animals too - I loved his part with fur seal named Wendy, Kristy's pet. The creature wasn't just adorable and cute but she helped them.

The other Marines were good characters too but then, most of them got killed. One character I got fond of named Book and I was furious the way he died. Fiction, I know but it just didn't seem unfair. He was as strong, smart and compassionate as Schofield. I'd love if he'd be the second hero. The only remaining survivors are codename Mother and Fox and suffice to say they aren't women of damsel in distress. They're strong, brave, kickass women. The thing is, I just not really connected with neither Mother and Fox. Sorry.

I am looking forward to read the next sequel, Area 7!

Highly recommended but read on your own risk.