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Broken at Love

Broken at Love  - Lyla Payne 4 stars

I was hesitant to pick this one. I had bad moments with New Adult books lately and I was scared to have another shot of disappointing book but thank goodness Broken at Love is in fact, really good. The story is captivating and I'm glad I read it until I finished it. And oh, Lyla Payne is my first!

Quinn Rowland is a tortured soul guy. He is actually pretty damaged. He has pasts haunted his life and things are bad when his sicko half-brother Sebastian used them to enjoy watching Quinn's in misery. His parents are horrible people too and it gotten worst when his tennis career ended. I hated him for being cruel sometimes, let fear consumed him and let others to control his life but I understood his feelings, though. Hopeless, helpless, lost, loveless you name it. Anyway, he is lucky because he met Emilie Swanson. That girl changed his life.

Emilie Swanson is... she's ruthless in the way of keeping faith to someone she truly cares and loves. She's soft-hearted too and it was killing me at parts where her heart was torn by Quinn, he hurt her feelings a lot that I wanted to punch his pretty face and took Emilie away from him because I couldn't bear to read he will hurt her again. Her parents are even worst! They're perfectionist to the core and I felt sorry for Emilie who is still trying to impress them. I felt even sorry for her parents who don't appreciate their daughters' passion in art.

Actually, Quinn's parents, Quinn's brother, Emilie's parents had left me disturbed. And sick.

After some twists of events well of course happily ever after is there and they're happy. So do I. Overall, the romance was amazing with overwhelming chemistry between Quinn and Emilie. Their steamy moments were hot too but I liked the soft ones, very sizzling! I wasn't really impress with plot and Quinn's game was quite interesting enough. It reminds me of movie called Cruel Intentions.

Other characters made appearances. I really liked Ruby because she's just awesome. And I hated Sebastian because he got away so easy. Toby is kind of interesting too. And Annette, poor her.

How I got hooked to this book? It was the moment I read this line.

“It hurt a little that she looked happy to see me, when I only came to break her.”


I wonder who's love story will be next on Whitman University series. Ms. Payne, give me a hint. Or write the book faster. I hope it's Ruby.