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Caribbean Casanova

Caribbean Casanova - Jenna Bayley-Burke 4 stars

This book is really fun to read. I enjoyed it because it made me laugh. Clearly that Harm and Holly are great together. I liked the chemistry between them. It was exciting reading their conversations, banters and how they tried to steer clear each other but they failed big time. Well, I'm glad they failed because their attraction to each other is just hot as fuck (quote Holly). Loved their romance, loved them too.

The minor character in this book that got me perked up is the youngest Prinsen brother. I really have no clue about this man but he sounds interesting. Will he be on the next book?

Anyway, this book would earn 5 stars from me if it weren't for a few things that didn't work for me. This Janny girl, what is her problem with Prinsen brothers. Then, Sass. I was shocked because what happened to the girl I've known in the previous book, really? Also, the matter between Harm and Sass is simply ended like that. I was like, "That's it?" I think I missed out something and I'm clueless.

Liked the romance, liked the writing and I hope for more this series.

Read on your own peril.