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Feral Sins

Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright 4 stars

I believe most readers agreed that this book is sooo hot.

I liked the plot. It was thrilling. Admittedly that sometimes, I kept forgetting I was reading a paranormal romance. Because some of the scenes, it felt so normal, so ordinary and the roller coaster or deathtrap as Trey said is one of my favourite scenes. The one and only scene that made me laughed out loud in the ungodly hour.

I loved Taryn a lot. She's very snarky and so funny. She made me laugh all the time! I especially loved her moments with Trey's grandma, Greta because I enjoyed their snarky conversations! Trey is likeable enough except that he's so excellent in brooding. And he's super dominant, overprotective and possessive. Really got on my nerves. But when Trey and Taryn's together, oh goodness may I just say that... it was so overwhelming! So intense! I liked other characters too especially Trey's enforcers.

There are two scenes that are so unexpected yet quite... interesting :D. You're curious, read the book and find out!