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Before Jamaica Lane

Before Jamaica Lane - Samantha Young 2 stars

I guess I'm a minor, again. People seemed to love this book but can't say the same for me. Oh boy.

I gave up after 24% and I skimmed for the rest of it except I stopped to read on sweet scenes only. I honestly don't know what happened but this book wasn't for me. I was downright disappointed, again! Book 2 didn't go as well now, this book too. Gosh, I'm exasperated!

It was so boring I kept putting it down. I didn't like Olivia because of her insecurity, self-pity, constant whining about herself gah! and the thought that I had to go through reading those, I couldn't bear it. Nope.

It's true I love the author's writing style but too bad her two major books in this series didn't reach to my liking. Now, I'm so worried to read the next installment. I don't even know if I want to continue.

Read on your own peril.