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Into the Deep

Into the Deep - Samantha Young 4 stars

First and foremost, Into The Deep has matured thinking characters so I don't see why this book has to be New Adult? To be honest, the whole book sounds Adult to me.
Here goes...

Reading this book had me with emotional rollercoaster and yet, it was amazing. For that, I loved you Samantha Young! I was hesitated to read this. I didn't put on high expectation in this book after my frustration with Down London Road in ODS series. Thank goodness I gave this book a fair chance.

In this book, it's Charley's POV. I liked reading her thoughts although sometimes they were infuriating. And then, Jake was kind of infuriating and I felt bad for him only a bit. However, I think I might feel different about him if it's his POV. Secondary characters were enjoyable to read too. I especially liked Lowe. I hope he gets his own story.

The storyline was interesting. I liked the narrating style too as it is the intermixed of history and present. As for history, readers will get the glimpse exactly what happened between Charley and Jake in the past. The present, well... the present. Except that, the present isn't clear at the moment for this book has a cliffhanger! Only if I knew, I would wait until the series completed.

Overall, I liked this book. However, I wasn't impressed with the ending. It was too fast. It would be nice if it weren't end so abruptly but instead, made it a bit longer with complex details for the sake of readers' satisfaction.

Read on your own peril.