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Melting the Ice

Melting the Ice - Jaci Burton 3 stars

Dear author, just exactly what happened because this book turned out... plain?

There was nothing interesting in this book except for scorching hot steamy scenes (or in my case the first two scenes and I skimmed others because they're repetitive).

Glad this book worked for other readers that rated it 4-5 stars. Just so sad it wasn't for me. Anyway, I will continue with this series of course for these reasons:

1) the only sports romance series I love is Play by Play series - don't even want to miss it despite being disappointed over and over again. Well, unless there's soul out there introduce me another sports romance series which is much better than this, I'd love to try out.

2) This series has exceptionally beautiful book cover of half-naked men - what's about that not to love, eh?

Also, I'm bored with baseball, football, hockey theme and there was only one car racing which I need more dose of it. So I was wondering and hoping the author would think about wide range of varieties this time maybe? Like snowboarding? Surfing? Tennis? Soccer? Motorcycle racing? Swimming? Boxing? Etc.

Read on your own peril.