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Wicked Cravings

Wicked Cravings - Suzanne  Wright 2 stars

This book didn't impress me. Throughout first 50% of this book, it was torturous to read. Must I say, it was plain boring. As for the remaining, I skimmed. Only stopped at good parts which only a few. As for characters, I felt connected with Dante. Yes, I liked him. Jaime was a bit of annoying but she was bearable. The only time I loved this two together when they were alone. Scorching hot steamy scenes alert.

It saddened me I didn't enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed previous one. And I hope the sequel would heal me from being disappointed that I got from this book. I can't wait to read Nick and Shaya. Their brief encounters in this book sounds like they will have a promising love story of their own. Of course, just to be safe, I won't expect much.

Read on your own peril.