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The Hawk

The Hawk - Monica McCarty 4 stars

This book was interesting! I cannot not liking this book though because despite its not promising romance, it held one great of adventure. I liked the mystery and suspense. They were thrilling!

As I mentioned above, the romance wasn't as promising as previous book but I quite liked the chemistry between Hawk and Ellie. The connection was there. Hawk is so tantalizing and Ellie is very refreshing, I liked them both.

There is one scene that is... unbelievable. Even for a fiction. I don't want to spoil the fun, so read the book. Or I think I might have spoiled the fun. If you track down my reading updates on this book, of course.

I liked reading the Author's Notes too. It was amazing to learn the author applied some of the history, actual facts to create this by far intriguing series.

Looking forward to next book. So many characters need to remember now, I think. I have to jot them down to avoid confusion.