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Wicked Ties

Wicked Ties - Shayla Black 2 stars

I was wondering what's the fuss about this book that most of readers loved it, rated it with high rating. Besides, I was in mood to read erotic and I wanted to try it out. It turned out this book wasn't what people said. Of course, in my point of view.

What I liked
I liked the story. The stalker stuff was amazing. It was intriguing. It made me toughened up to go through this book because believe me, it was tempting to put it down.

What I disliked
I don't know other than this book got me bored at some part and I did a lot of skimming because I don't want to put another book in my DNF shelf so then (expect interesting part) I might miss something but I don't care I just relieved I finally got rid of this book okay that's all. Yeap.

Read on your own peril.