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Rocky Mountain Heat

Rocky Mountain Heat - Vivian Arend 2 stars

This is an honest review. You've been warned.

Original review.
From my very own personal description
It's a story about a girl who has four brothers lusted over her (lucky, I guess?) but she only wanted one of them.


My thoughts on Rocky Mountain Heat are listed below.

- I picked this because I needed another dose of western/cowboy romance after my last read which was Shine Not Burn.

- "Awww so romantic!" in my status update wasn't for Blake and Jaxi but it was for Blake's parents. Yep.

- Jaxi had a thing for Blake since ages but she dated Travis first because she was stupid listening other people who told her to date a guy who is same age with her. And Travis is Blake's brother and he's an asshole.

- No chemistry whatsoever happened between Blake and Jaxi. The romance was dull.

- Naughty twins Joel and Jesse were also hot on Jaxi's. They got some taste of Jaxi with Jesse the most affected one and it happened to taunt Blake to admit his feelings for Jaxi. Sounds mild ménage to me plus exhibition and voyeurism.

- And Joel and Jesse are Blake's brothers and I liked them. They have a good sense of humour and very easy going. Also the twins share same woman and have it together. Talk about indirect incest. Definitely not my cuppa tea.

- To have four brothers wanted her but only one brother won her. Wouldn't that be awkward? Thank goodness this is work of fiction.

- I didn't care much about Daniel. This is another brother.

- Subplot for Matt, the another brother. Full ménage between Matt, Helen, and Gabe. Gabe is their cousin. Matt did this for his love for Helen because she asked it from him. I was so angry with Matt because he's just so hopelessly romantic that woman played him without him realized it dammit. Poor guy. Really felt bad for him.

- Travis actually has a secret. A very dark secret at that. Interesting...


To be honest, the story was pretty much ended at 50% to me. The rest was boring except for a part where I learnt a little tiny bit about Travis. That 2 stars, well I'm being nice since this author is my first.

UPDATED @ Oct 23, 2013
Clean version review.

I picked this book because I needed a similar read like Shine Not Burn. However, this book wasn't anything like it.

What I liked
Got a glimpse of romantic parents. Blake's parents.

The naughty twins Joel and Jesse are likable. They're easy going and have a good sense of humour.

Hot scene between Joel, Jesse, and Jaxi even though it was a mild ménage moment.

Travis appeared to be an asshole at first but I learnt something very dark about him which was interesting. I got the hint but I think I have to read his book if I wanted him to reveal so.

I liked another Coleman brother, Matt. He is a keeper and hopelessly romantic at that.

What I disliked
Too bad I didn't enjoy this book as much as I wanted. The book was pretty much ended at 50% to me. The rest... it was boring.

The romance was dull between Blake and Jaxi. I was kind of disappointed since these two are the main characters in this book.

I didn't get it why four of the brothers lusted over Jaxi. In my honest opinion, the idea that she used the three of them to get Blake is just absurd. Even though she denied it but sadly, it sounds like denial to me.

I hated that Matt was being played by Helen but his love for her made him blind.

Read on your own peril.