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Castle Hill

Castle Hill - Samantha Young 4 stars

It's always nice to have a short story from Braden and Joss because they are one of my favourite couples. I loved them and love them still. I also had a wonderful read with this book.

Except there was a part that wasn't to my liking. I didn't know about some people but to have someone even one of your in-laws/best friend to barge into the house or in this case, unlock your place's front door when you are in the midst of heated conversation with your spouse, I don't like it all. IMO, it's giving an impression of one loves to meddle in other people's business.

Besides, I really hate it when one is trying to explain something and makes things alright, another just refuses to listen and shut out. Seriously, how to make peace then if it's like that?

Anyway, Book 1 was my favourite. Least favourite was Book 2 because it was ridiculous. I hope Book 3's good and I'm not going to put high expectation on it.

Recommended if you love Braden and Joss.