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Valiant - Laurann Dohner 4 stars

Looks like the series gets better. A lot of action scenes which I enjoyed the most. The romance between Valiant and Tammy is sizzling hot.

The alpha, possessive behaviour that Valiant loved to show was kind of annoying at point I was thinking if I were Tammy, I would feel suffocated and trapped. Also, I'd bored to death too if I were to confine at home and do nothing but fooling around in bed with your partner for the rest of your lives. I cringed when Tammy seen it as no problem.

Anyway, not going to hurt me head thinking sane and sense about this book. It's merely for entertainment, eh? I love the writing style though. I found myself captivated with the flow of words and it felt nice or perhaps maybe OCD stuff. Looking forward for the next book.

Recommended, if you love sci-fi romance.