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Dragon Bound

Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison 2 stars

This review is highly subjective. You have been warned.

I almost gave this up at 62% but I decided to go on since I already went that far so had to suck it up and endure.


For the most 59% I enjoyed almost everything. Despite my disliking to the instant attraction between Dragos and Pia, I chose to ignore it because I loved the action pack in the book. However at 60%, the plot changed into something so boring it was a torture, did some skimming (I just don't give a rat's ass she's whining being held in Dragos' place, doing some domestic stuffs or getting to know his people - that's what happened when I got the first taste of bloodthirsty scenes in the beginning of the book, I just want it continuous and not stop for any unnecessary scenes) until I got my next taste of combat scenes probably somewhere at 90%. To whoever who decides to write a book, unbalanced plot is not to be repeated or I won't even try to touch your book.

Also, the supposed scariest dangerous deadly dragon turned sappy after he met Pia who is a unicorn. A unicorn? A freaking unicorn. I was shocked because she's being a unicorn was the last thing on my mind and there I was hoping, wishing she was a Phoenix because that is what I always imagine for a dragon's other half - a Phoenix. After some long thoughts, based on her attitudes she's definitely won't be a Phoenix because said creature won't be so helpless yet annoying like her. The worst of all is Pia got pregnant and there it comes the unnecessary drama llama. Goodness, seriously?

Anyway, I get it why most people like it because one deadly dragon itself could be so dangerous and in seconds he turned into a sweet thing you got mushy mushy awed because I did too but then it failed to impress me because to me, plot is important. Shitty plot, shitty rating. Also, I don't think I want to read next book, the excerpt bores the hell out of me.

It's too bad though because I quite liked the description of the new world in this book. I liked the introduced variety of creatures in there. If it weren't for the unbalanced plot, potential bipolar main characters, and preggo drama, this book could do better.

Lastly, do not stop yourself from reading this book on my account but it is not recommended from me. That's all.