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Midnight Games

Midnight Games  - Elle Kennedy 4 stars

SPOILER ALERT. This is an honest and highly subjective review, proceed with caution. You have been warned.

Did you know I was a happy girl when finally I got to read Isabel and Trevor's story? It was amazing! As usual, I enjoyed the plot. It was thrilling. I loved romance, it was sizzling hot. I enjoyed the characters too, well not all of them - there's one not to my liking, Juliet. I don't want to hate her because I only got introduced to her professional attitude side, her smartass comments - which by the way, annoying. Hope that'll change soon.

Throughout two books including this that I was wondering why Isabel was so insecure about herself that makes she's comfortable becoming someone else and also, she pushed people away. Well, I got my answers and to be honest, I did not impress with the reasons. The reasons were weak and definitely not what I expected. Those reasons may sound like a total lost cause but still, I didn't see as a big deal. It just didn't fit to how damaged she is.

One thing that got me surprised is the queer relationship between Noelle and Derek. That I didn't see it coming. Now there's this something between Noelle and Morgan, I'm so curious and confuse with all the mystery it's driving me mad. I can't wait to read about Noelle. I liked one snippet which she did her bidding. Cold and ruthless. Her actions meet her legendary reputation as an assassin. Deadliest assassin, indeed.

Next book is about Ethan and Juliet. I don't know how am I going to fare with their love story as by far at the moment, their favourite past time is at each other's throat. Hope it's good. If not, I hope the plot will be engaging, then.

Dear author, you have to write fast. You have to give me Derek's, Sullivan's, Liam's, Holden's, Reilly's, Oliver's, Castle's books to me. I will bawling like a 2-year-old if this series ends without reading them hunkies' stories got their happy endings.