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The Survival Kit

The Survival Kit - Donna Freitas 5 stars

The Survival Kit is my best YA reads for 2014! Mixed feelings to be expected if you're decided to try this book; death, grief, sorrow, happiness, forgiveness, peace and... loads, you named it. I, for one, loved everything about this book - the main characters, minor characters, the story and the friendships. Another next best thing is there's not much of angst aside from family drama and I was cool with it. Just so you know, it's a sports romance too. What a bonus! To be honest, I kept forgetting I was reading young adult fiction because the characters are matured in thinking sense, it feels like I was reading new adult or adult fiction.

Anyway, it's a unique masterpiece and the idea of that survival kit alone is quite brilliant. Even I was thinking to make some to give to my loved ones. Reading this book makes me recall the past two years where I, too, lost an uncle to cancer and I can say I felt connected to both Rose and Will in regards of their pain of losing the loved ones. However, I cannot say the same though if the loved ones was one of the parents or both parents or siblings. To people out there who are with cancer, survived cancer, family and friends with cancer, loved ones lost to cancer -- always stay strong and FUCK cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Those who haven't read this, I suggest you should try. Like, seriously. Recommended.

Main characters: Rose (former cheerleader, lost Mom to cancer) + Will (hockey player, lost Dad to cancer)