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The Recruit

The Recruit  - Monica McCarty Setting: Scotland, 1309-10

Most of time during reading I spent it feeling infuriated with the heroine, Lady Mary of Mar. I get it once upon a time she's suffered and traumatized a lot but then it doesn't mean she gets to easily make assumptions and quick to judge just because she wanted to protect her said fragile, vulnerable heart. Then, she had a nerve to put a blame on others when she's the first who started it and made it a big fuss. Besides, she has a little understanding on whatsoever, has little faith on person she claimed she cares, and thinks that world only revolves around her, that her life matters most and indirectly, she could say "Screw others."

I'm allergic to people like Lady Mary because no matter how fucked up, screwed up your life, you just don't have the privilege to treat people just like the way Lady Mary treated Kenneth. I know Kenneth wasn't a nice person at first. In fact, I hated him in previous book because he's such a jerk and hot-tempered but he's a different person now. He's changed. He's a nice person and he, too, is struggled controlling his temper. At least, there's progress. It may looks like a karma to have Lady Mary as his other half but TBH she just don't deserve him.

I thought Lady Helen in the previous book is the most annoying character in this series. Who knew it's Lady Mary's the top worst by far. I hope there's no more heroine like these two in the next book or I'll becoming wary to continue this series. Great warriors but sadly, their other halves are such prissy missy.

Anyway, the plot was rather boring. It focused more on romance between Kenneth and Lady Mary, which didn't impress me because I was quite pissed with the lady all time. The action scenes are amazing. Sadly, it occurred sometimes. To compare this book with the previous first two books, this one can't beat them because if recall, the books had a lot of combat scenes and I loved them. That was what I was expecting in this book after The Saint flunked. Unfortunately, The Recruit flunked too. I'm disappointed.

Read on your own peril.

Final verdict: 2.5 rounds-up to 3 stars